Jeff Cue - Videographer
Cue²Media, LLC is a multimedia creation company that provides quality video production, writing and consultative services.  We work with clients and key production partners across the country and focus primarily on creating promotional pieces, instructional programs and soft skills training media.


Our years of media industry experience make it seem like we've done it all...well, almost!  Corporate, commercial, film, video, online media production...we’ve created helpful, thought-provoking & interactive multimedia for clients of all sizes, from small firms to Fortune 500 companies and government agencies.


Our careers began in television, where we met and worked together on news, commercial and promotion production. From there, we worked extensively with instructional production at other companies before starting our own business in April 2011 in Urbandale, Iowa, a suburb of Des Moines.


Alice Cue - Cue2Media Creative Director and Project Manager

Alice Cue

Creative Director, Project Manager, Client Goddess, Owner

Alice is the creative writer, the visionary director, the dollars & cents producer… the brains of the Cue²Media content development team.  Her mission:  To deliver your message to its intended audience with clarity, creativity and impact…on time and on budget.  

To do that, Alice uses her years of expertise in corporate training & communications to take a client’s complex and industry-specific information and distill it down to its core elements.  Alice’s ability to become an “instant expert” in a field of business is instrumental in her capacity to create effective media and communications for Cue²Media clients.

Alice is experienced in creating, producing and managing all types of media and communications projects for various organizations, including non-profits, health care companies, retailers, the service industry and government agencies.  She’s also directed live programming, done broadcast promotional writing and production and extensive work in instructional and information design.

Cue²Media is synonymous with informative, thought-provoking, high-level content creation…and this Cue is the reason!


  • Corporate ethics and compliance training
  • Communications content development
  • Online/Interactive course development
  • Employee communications
  • Freelance services for media & communications project creation, production & management 

Jeff Cue - Cue2Media Director of Photography and Editor

Jeff Cue

Director of Photography, Editor, Gear Nerd, Owner

Jeff is the visual designer…the equipment repair guy…a creative storyteller…the techie half of the Cue²Media team.  His main job is to look for the best camera angles, create the right lighting and edit it all together for best effect on every project.  No task is off-limits for Jeff’s expertise as he navigates all things technical for Cue²Media clients.

Jeff has worn a lot of hats in his varied career:  DP, sound recordist, gaffer, grip, production manager, teleprompter operator, Avid editor… even on-camera news reporter!  All those jobs and experiences are the basis for Jeff’s creativity and ability to create consistent, high-quality content.

Every situation brings technical challenges.  And over the years, Jeff has been there to handle them time and again:  Whether it’s training, motivation & educational programs, commercials, live sporting events or news coverage, organizations big and small get the benefit of Jeff’s experience and unique point of view.

Cue²Media prides itself on consistently high production value no matter what the project or budget…and that’s where this Cue makes his mark!


  • Continuous learner in technology and technique
  • Experience in all facets of production
  • Collaborative team leader
  • Writing capacity for on-set script adjustments & creative development
  • Post-production abilities to deliver projects in a variety of media and formats